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September 22, 2023

👋 Hello Language Educators!

This is a perfect opportunity to infuse affection and unity into our language classrooms:

  • 💌🍬 Love & Friendship Day in your Language Classroom 🗣️
  • Podcasts episodes and Youtube videos about "El día del Amor y la Amistad" 🎦

💌🍬 Love & Friendship Day inyour Language Classroom 🗣️

¡Feliz día del amor y la amistad, language teacher!

Candies, presents, secret friends, dates, letters, poems…

That's what Love & Friendship Day is about. It’s quite popular in some Latin American countries like Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador.

Let’s dive into this special date and see how we can celebrate it in our classrooms:

  • An insight about Love & Friendship Day 👀
  • Get students engage in a fun game 🎁
  • Activities for Speaking practice in class 🗣️

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