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September 4, 2023

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  • 🙀 Is Your Fear Of AI Holding You Back? ⛔
  • Gender-inclusive teaching methods, ​EFL novice teachers’ professional development and more on New Research 🔬
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🙀 Is Your Fear Of AIHolding You Back? ⛔

... from being the best language teacher you could be?

Most don’t want to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Language teachers fear they’re getting replaced. But integrating is not the same as getting replaced.

Since the time has come to face those fears, let’s explore some:

  • Concerns surrounding AI 🙀
  • Insights and advices to ease your fears 🧭
  • Strategies to embrace AI 🤝

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New Research 🔬
  • The pursuit of a gender-just language classroom​This article strongly emphasizes the real and positive results of using gender-inclusive teaching methods in language education. It provides a diverse range of examples that can really help make language classrooms more welcoming to trans diversity.

  • EFL novice teachers’ emotions and professional development​The first years of teaching are often described as ‘emotionally challenging’ by English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers in secondary schools in France because their professional identity and skills are still under construction. How, then, can novice teachers (NTs) be supported during this process?

  • Language Use in the Foreign Language Classroom​​In foreign language classrooms, teachers and students frequently use both the native language and the target language for instructional purposes (Levine, 2011). This study examines how often English or Spanish is employed by teachers and students, as well as the underlying reasons for its usage.

  • Problematising Written Corrective Feedback: A Global Englishes Perspective​In the realm of English as an additional language writing, the process of addressing errors or providing feedback on errors is commonly termed as 'written corrective feedback (WCF)'. The term 'corrective' underscores adherence to standards often associated with native speakers, a perspective that sparks debate in our increasingly interconnected world.

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