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August 25, 2023

Hello, dear language instructor! 🌟🌐 These web delights await you:

  • 🧐 Is It Irresponsible To Auto-grade Speaking Assessments? 🔍
  • Speaking and Listening practice on Youtube 🎦
  • Dual-language models debate in Arizona schools and more on Twitter 🐦

🧐 Is It Irresponsible To Auto-grade Speaking Assessments? 🔍

As a language teacher, you often face the challenge of assessing students' speaking skills.

The traditional approach: you listen to each student individually and provide personalized feedback... This is pretty time-consuming, not to mention exhausting too, right?

Yet, technology has introduced auto-grading systems that claim to streamline this process… But!

Does it feel to you like it’s irresponsible to do so? Let’s get deeper throughout this article on:

  • Its ethical implications 🧐
  • 3 potential drawbacks 🔍
  • The most responsible approach to it ✅

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